Summer Pet Care

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Summer Pet CareFor pet lovers out there, as the temperatures in the summer increase, don’t forget to take good care of your furry friends. Like us, animals also feel uncomfortable during the summer, and even animals are susceptible to heatstroke.
Since pets cannot express how they feel in their fur coats under the scorching heat of the sun, you need to care for them and make sure your pet stays happy and healthy during summers.

To ensure you take the best care of your pet during the hot summer season here are some great tips that you can follow:

Never Leave Your Pet in a Parked Car

Whether you are running errands or stopping for a slurpie, don’t forget how hot your car can get if you have your pet inside.  Even rolling the window down can’t eliminate the heat that can build up in the car, especially if it has black interior. This is because on a warm day temperatures inside the car can rise to dangerous levels, becoming very dangerous for pets.

Keep Your Pet in a Shady Place

Whether it’s a dog or a cat, during the hot months don’t let your pet sit out in the strong sun. Make sure there is a place where it can go to escape the sun.

Access to Plenty of Fresh and Clean Water

Like humans, animals also need to stay hydrated during summers. So, make sure you pet has access to fresh and clean water throughout the day to avoid dehydration.

Limit Walks on Hot Days

On hot days, you can limit dog walks to early morning or evening hours. Also, walk pets on the grass avoiding the pavement as it can get very hot during summers and can burn your pets’ paws.

Trim Fur

This tip is ideally for those who own long haired pets. Get your long haired pets’ fur trimmed in the summers to prevent it from overheating.

Follow these tips to ensure your furry friend stays in perfect health during the hot summer months.