Home Renovations That Non-Professionals Should Avoid

Monday, December 16, 2013

Home RenovationsWe all want to renovate our homes to make them more comfortable and increase their value. Moreover, during tough economic times, we prefer to do these renovations on a small budget. When this involves tiling, cupboard building and painting, the home owner may get away with doing it themselves. But there are certain renovations that non-professionals should not attempt. These are jobs that require professional skills or equipment, jobs that amateurs simply cannot do without causing damage that will be very expensive to fix.

  • Do-it-yourselfers should not take electrical work beyond installing external electrical equipment, such as air conditioners and panel heaters that plug into an already existing plug. While you may be able to find step-by-step videos for extending or replacing circuits somewhere on the internet.  You may not want to risk having incomplete work done or have it not be insurable.

  • Water might not kill you, but flooded houses typically need to be completely renovated. Even if you make large plumbing changes with the water turned off, you do have to turn it back on to test your handiwork, and the strong flow can do severe damage in those two or three seconds. In fact, if your plumbing involves, for example, the re-routing of sewer pipes that connect your house to the street, your stop tab may not even stop all the water. The piping inside your house is made of copper to carry the hot water, so if you are not trained to weld copper, hot water may escape into your house, and this can be very dangerous.

  • With the exception of fixing the existing roof and walls, new construction of buildings should be done by professionals. The structure has to pass strict inspections which amateur builders can seldom meet. Moreover, since there are regulations on where water and electricity piping are allowed to go, your amateur building may not leave the required space for it.

  • While building your own back deck or patio might look possible and like fun, the consequences of collapsing decks can be serious. People on or under the deck may be hurt. So if you insist on doing that yourself, at least call a house inspector to check that it is solid.