Is it Time To Consider Installing a Glass Railing

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Deck RailingIf you are looking to improve the patio or home deck area this summer, adding a glass railing is an idea you may want to consider.

Glass railings add to your home’s visual appeal – Indoor and outdoor glass railings have become a popular choice for homes. Unlike wooden, plastic or metal railings, glass railings don’t block the view and give the feel of a broader space. When used indoors for staircases and partitions, glass railings accentuate the brightness of the room.  

There are different types of glass railings and you can choose a railing design that goes well with your homes’ existing architecture. They can be framed or frameless. However glass railings are very expensive. Depending on your budget you can choose different types of glass. The broad categories of glass include clear, frosted and custom etched glass. Most deck builders prefer to use tinted glass to prevent birds form hitting the railing.

Glass railings are safe and low maintenance - Glass railings are the perfect safety addition to your home deck, especially when there are young kids at home. Contrary to popular perception glass railings are very safe. The tempered glass used in railings is much stronger and thicker than regular glass and does not shatter even when cracked.

Unlike hardwood railings, glass railings are low maintenance. Despite exposure to external weather conditions, outdoor glass railings don’t have to painted or polished.  

Call an expert to install the railing -   While the glass railings come with modular fittings and appear to be easy to install, its best to call a licensed contractor to do the job for you.  Setting up a glass railing requires a great deal of care and patience.  If not installed correctly, the glass railing will end up looking shabby and represent a major safety hazard to everyone at home. An experienced contractor would also provide you with an accurate cost estimate and information on current safety and law requirements.

Glass railings are more lasting than wrought iron and wood. If you are ready to make a bit of an investment, installing glass railings is a great home improvement decision. Best of all you can continue to enjoy the beautiful view from your patio or home deck.