Items to Keep In Your Car This Summer

Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer DrivingSummer means family outings at the beach, camping trips and long drives. It also means that you and your car will be undergoing a lot more stress than normal.  So, here are a few essentials which should be kept in your vehicle during summer time.

Protein Snacks

Keep snacks with a high shelf life should you or your kids become hungry on a road trip. Protein bars and other snacks will also help you keep your energy up.

Plenty of Water

Carrying plenty of water for long trips is an absolute necessity. You need to stay hydrated. If you are travelling with your pet, you may also want to carry a drinking bowl.

GPS Unit and Map

A GPS unit is far more convenient and accurate. However, there is a chance the battery may die out or your GPS unit may not detect signals. In such a scenario, a traditional map can make all the difference.

Extra Coolant and Engine Oil

Cars tend to overheat during summer. It is a great idea to carry extra coolant and fresh engine oil for top-ups. In the event that your car overheats, you need to exercise extreme caution. Never open the radiator cap or the engine oil cap when the car is hot. Just open the hood and let the engine cool off a good half an hour. Carrying extra engine oil is also helpful if you have one of those new cars that require a specific type of oil.

Sunscreen and Umbrella

If you have a flat and need to get out of the comfort of your car in the scorching heat, sunscreen and an umbrella will prove to be a blessing.

A Basic First-Aid Kit

A basic first-aid kit is beneficial to carry at all times. Minor cuts and bruises while fixing a flat are inevitable. Having a first-aid kit handy will also prevent the infection of minor injuries. A first-aid kit is also a good idea to keep in your car, should the little ones have a boo-boo.

Carrying these basic essentials in your car during summer time will make sure that your family road trips go smoothly.