Top 10 Gifts for Adults This Year

Friday, December 13, 2013

Gifts for Adults

One of the most stressful tasks around Christmas is deciding which gift to buy for each relative. The reason this is stressful is because you may not be quite sure what they will like. Fortunately, there are a few things which you can gift to anyone with the most basic knowledge about their personality. Here are a few gift suggestions for your ’adult’ loved ones:



  1. iPhone
    If you know that one of your relatives is a fanatic for smartphones or gadgets you can present him/her with an iPhone. With the launch of the latest 5C which is available in different colors you can customize your selection accordingly.

  2. LifeProof Cell Phone Cases
    If you know a friend who tends to be clumsy with his/her smartphone, a LifeProof case would be the best gift. It protects against drops as well as exposure to liquid.

  3. Gift Cards
    You may also have a friend who has evolving interests. If you have such a friend, it is best to present him/her with a gift card so they can buy whatever they wish.

  4. Touchfire iPad Keyboard
    This keyboard is a blessing for iPad users. It goes over the iPad’s screen and connects via Bluetooth. It takes the least possible space.

  5. Brookstone's Pocket Projector
    This is a must have nowadays. You may be sitting on your bed feeling too lazy to go to the TV. You can connect this pocket projector to your phone and watch a movie.

  6. MMT Monitor2Go
    This is an excellent device for the travelling types. This monitor connects to your smartphone or tablet and you can watch movies on a bigger screen.

  7. Fitbit One
    The Fitbit One monitors your vital signs and gives you a report in the form of a graph. This helps you maintain a steady health.

  8. Thermacell Heated Insoles
    Living in a cold atmosphere, this is the best gift you can give to anyone. These inner soles are heated and you can adjust the heat level with the help of a wireless remote control.

  9. iPad
    Another great gift an adult relative would like is an iPad. It is bound to be an amazing gift at Christmas time. One great thing about the iPad is that you can have it embossed. You may customize the iPad by having the name of the recipient embossed on its back cover.

  10. Microsoft Surface Pro
    Microsoft’s Surface Pro is a tablet/laptop hybrid which will make an ideal gift for Christmas. The Surface Pro is something the recipient will thank you for long for years to come.

The abovementioned gifts can be presented to anyone, regardless of their interests or tastes. These make ideal gifts for adults.