How to Fight Mold Growth in Your Home

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Protect your homes interior

Preventing mold growth in your home is extremely important. A damp and warm atmosphere is the ideal environment for mold growth. It can not only damage the wooden structures of your house, causing them to rot, but also spread diseases, especially if you have an allergic condition or if anyone in your family has asthma. Mold can lay dormant for years before becoming active at the slightest hint of moisture. Here are a few steps to prevent and fight mold growth in your home.

Clean Areas Where Mold Is Likely To Grow Thoroughly

Areas like basements and attics are ideal places for mold buildup. Such areas around the house should be cleaned thoroughly at least once a month. This will eliminate mold buildup and you can also watch out for any excess moisture.



Forgo Carpets for a Washable Floor

Damp areas with wall-to-wall carpeting can cause mold buildup under the carpets. If you have a certain area around the house which remains damp, avoid installing carpets there. A washable floor will help you spot any mold buildup easily.

Avoid Storing Items in Damp Areas

Books and clothes should not be stored in areas that usually are damp, like basements. Such items are known to trigger mold growth as they retain moisture.

Prevent Rainwater from Flowing Into Your House

Make sure the foundation of your home is properly graded and doesn’t allow rainwater to trickle in. If rainwater flows in without your knowledge, it can easily cause significant mold buildup.

Use Exhausts and Dehumidifiers in Damp Areas

It is advised that your basements, attics and bathrooms are ventilated. If your basement does not have any windows, install an exhaust to let the humid air out. Another great option is investing in a good dehumidifier to keep the air in your attic or basement dry.

So use these tips to control and eliminate any mold buildup in your house.