Shopping Online

Friday, February 8, 2013

Online shopping has become so easy in the 21st century that few of us can say that we haven’t done it. But instead of merely copying everyone else’s behavior or doing it because it is easy, let’s pause for a moment and think of the pros and cons of online shopping.

 Advantages of Online Shopping

Shopping Online

  •  You can compare prices, products and even find rarities not currently in stock without leaving your house. It takes several hours of driving and walking to do a lot less comparison offline.

  • You can shop at any time of the day, and from shops anywhere in the world.

  • Online stores often have lower prices, or offer discount coupons. This is because they do not have to pay for physical space in trendy shopping malls and because they can buy and store in bulk.

  • All the information is available on the website, including details of the product, the return policy, the level of credit card security, and so forth. Since consumers already know to be careful, they are more likely to look out for fraud. At physical shops, very few of us think of asking about the returns policy or identity protection, for example.

Disadvantages of Online Shopping

  • Instead of walking out of a shop with your purchase, you have to wait for it to be delivered. The length of the wait depends on the distance between your home and the storage facilities of the online store, the size of the object to be delivered, whether they have it in stock, and so forth.

  • You cannot touch, look at and test the product properly before buying it. Online pictures can be misleading. The feel of a material or the weight of an object may not always be conveyed properly without first-hand contact with it. Or you cannot try on clothes, see if it fits and what it looks like on you.

  • Identity and credit card theft is still a risk, so online shoppers have to be diligent about verifying the credibility of the online store from which they buy and the amount of security that site uses. In the worst case scenario, a site can collect people’s details and stock and deliver no products at all.

  • If you have accidentally shopped from an online store with poor customer service, it can be difficult to find out what has happened to your order or delivery. There is no shop into which you can walk or salesperson that you can confront directly.