Top Internet Innovations of 2013

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Internet InnovationsThe 2012-2013 year seems not to have yielded a massive and completely new internet technology, but interesting and useful innovation is widespread.

Here are some of the better internet innovations of the past year:

While the basic idea behind is as old as shopping itself, no one has done as much for speedy order processing and delivery as they have. This year was no exception. They bought robotics maker Kiva Systems, whose robots reduced Amazon's processing time to 20 minutes. In addition, Amazon opened dozens more warehouses across the United States to make full use of the speed increase.


Splunk's data management innovations may not be as cool as Facebook to the general public, but its ability to monitor, collect and index masses of data in real time has enabled a revolution in data management. Want to know how many people buy Ebay products at any given time of the day? Want to know how many websites are hosted by hosts in each country on the planet? Splunk can collect and index the data and present it in usable form in real time.

Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E.7 Professional Gaming Keyboard takes gaming to the level of an olympic sport. Not only can gamers take it apart and rearrange the physical pieces to their own liking, but it also keeps track of their computer habits and can launch applications and perform operations with no actual keyboard input.

Pinterest has not only invented internet scrapbooking, but has now developed customised scrapbooking abilities for individual clients according to their own unique needs. Consequently, research shows that companies sell much more off Pinterest pin boards than off Facebook wall posts or tweets, which is then a marketing revolution too.

Uber has taken the old cab concept and combined it with speed. You order a cab via a smart phone app, and Uber's algorithm will get the cab to you in minutes. It keeps track of all the cabs, calculates time and distances and plans trips to speed up the process.

Moneual's Touch Table PC is not internet so much as networked, but deserves a mention anyway. Whether you're running a restaurant or dispensing medicine at a hospital, your clients can now browse menus, order and pay without leaving their seats.

ViaSat-1 was officially recognised as the World’s Highest Capacity Communications Satellite by the Guinness Book of World Records in March. They provide all the subscribers of internet service providers powered by them with 140% of the promised 12MB speed. The engineers achieved it by improving not only the satellite, but every part of the delivery system.