Health Tips for Winter

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

To stay healthy during the winter, you should ideally take action throughout the year to build up your immune system and strengthen your body. Here are some suggestions:

Winter Health Tips

  • Even though the cold makes you feel like stuffing yourself with comfort carbohydrate-rich foods, it is essential that you continue to eat enough healthy foods like fruit and vegetables. Snack on protein-packed nuts and raisins rather than biscuits and crisps. If you do not enjoy cooking, purchase already peeled and sliced vegetables and add them to stews or soups.

  • Keep your energy levels up at all times, and do not allow your metabolism to slow down. Your body needs an active metabolism to power your immune system and to keep itself warm. Eat regular small meals rather than three large meals a day.

  • Continue your exercise routine. Exercise increases the production of white blood cells which strengthen the immune system. Walking is sufficient, but snow sports burn a lot more fat and are fun too. Stretch all your muscles before you start, drink enough water and eat energy bars to keep your energy levels up.

  • Be proactive to fight off winter blues. Turn on a bright light in your bedroom as soon as you wake up to get you out of bed. Listen to upbeat music early in the morning. Do not sleep more than eight hours out of every 24. Keep busy. Make a list of recreational activities and festivals in your area, dress in layers with rubber-soled shoes and attend. Go out on every single sunny day.

  • Research shows that stress makes us more vulnerable to colds and flu. Refrain from working too many hours and arrange at least one fun evening a week out with friends.

  • Take the flu vaccine before the winter. It contains a low quantity of the most prevalent flu viruses, which helps the body develop the anti-bodies it needs to fight it.

  • It is important to keep other people's bacteria and viruses away from yourself. Wash your hands regularly or carry an anti-bacterial hand wash. Keep your hands away from your mouth. Do not share eating utensils.

Get into a healthy routine. Once you have it established, you can maintain it as effortlessly as your tooth brushing and bathing routine.