Where to Find Holiday Destinations Information Online

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Your time and money are precious and you are desperate to choose that perfect holiday destination. So where can you find information of holiday destinations that have good reviews?
Online Holidays
•    http://officialtravelguide.com is a handy website that links to the official tourism websites of almost all countries and many cities. Most of these are government-administered, so they may not be truthful, but once you have the official websites you know who to contact for specific inquiries.

•    The staff at http://www.lonelyplanet.com/destinations have circled the planet often enough, and their Travel Guide is a treasure trove of information on cities, activities and accommodation. They tell you about the best shopping and eating venues, the weather, the visas that tourists require, the cost of living and even the history. The site is multi-media-rich with tons of photos and videos.

•    http://www.virtualtourist.com represents the other side of the coin where fellow travellers, rather than website staff, describe and rate tourist destinations. This is where you can read of people's good and bad experiences at venues, their descriptions of local customs and see their holiday photos. Since tourists do almost everything imaginable in every world city, each city has around 1,000 reviewed activities. If you do not think there is that much to do in your city, check out the website and be proved wrong. Once you pick a destination, there is nothing you will not know about it by the time you go.

•    http://www.tripadvisor.com has reviews written by both website staff and visitors. It focuses primarily on hotels, flights and car rentals, but if you want recommendations of which attractions to visit and what to do there, you will find it all. You can rank destinations from most to least popular and most to least expensive. You can also list the top 10 of a specific type of destination, such as the top beaches, the top islands or the most popular romantic get-always.

It is easy to consult both experts and ordinary people online before you choose the ideal location for your next holiday.