Preparing a New Home for Child Safety

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Preparing home for a babyIf you are planning to make a move before or right after your baby arrives, you should look for houses that are generally safer for kids. However, your dream house can be prepared for child safety perfectly even if it is not ideal for kids when you find it. Here are some helpful tips that can help you make your new house as safe for your kid as possible:

If your baby is due to arrive near the time you are planning your move, you should avoid painting the walls, at least of your baby’s room. Babies are very sensitive to the smell of paints, and it can often cause allergic reactions. While it is all right to paint a few months before the baby has to live in the house, doing it when you have to move right away with a small baby is not wise.  As well, paints may be dangerous and toxic to a newborn’s developing cells.

Another important modification you need to make is to create as many barriers in your house as possible in dangerous locations like stairs, gates, fireplaces, bathrooms and porches. Indoor safety gates are the best way to do that since they are specifically made for this very purpose. In case of stairs, you should put safety gates both at top and bottom to prevent your child from crawling up.

Another thing you need to check is whether the locks in your new house are functional or not. In order to keep your child away from dangerous rooms, it is important to keep these rooms locked or protected with door handle stops all the time. This includes doors to the basement cellars, bathrooms, garage and washing areas.

Breakable decoration items are not needed nor much appreciated in houses where there are kids. When kids are learning to walk, they keep colliding with things and breakable items are potentially dangerous for them. Electrical outlets should be covered with rubber or plastic cases that are also readily available in the market.

If you take these simple safety precautions before you move into your new house, you can ensure that you and your children are moving to a safe place. Making your new home ready for child safety is an essential and easy thing to do.