Boxing Day

Friday, December 21, 2012

Boxing Day in Canada is celebrated on December 26. In Canada it is viewed as a public and federal holiday.  If it happens to fall on Saturday or Sunday, the day following or proceeding is regarded as a legitimate holiday. Most businesses and organizations do not work, in some areas, public transport provides reduced services.

The history of Boxing Day

There are two conflicting versions of the history of Boxing Day.  In one version, in earlier years, it was tradition that the merchant class would reward tradesman and servants by supplying them with gifts or boxes of food, clothing or money.  Also, this day marked a day to give money or gifts to charitable institutions and needy individuals. In the second version, it was the day after Christmas in which people would box up their gifts.  Thus, the name of Boxing Day.

How Do Canadians Celebrate Boxing Day?

In Canada, New Zealand and Australia, Boxing Day is known as a shopping holiday.  In these countries, it is the one day in the year that creates the greatest amount of retail revenue.  It rivals in American the day after Thanksgiving Day which is their equivalent shopping retail day.  With the door crasher deals and the discount prices, Boxing Day sales are a huge benefit to the bargain hunter.

A majority of people spend the entire day preparing to shop at the Boxing Day blow out sales, watching sports or enjoying family time.  In some places many shopping malls open earlier as compared to their standard time. However, some shops prefer to stay closed in some provinces such as; Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador. In these places, the Boxing Day sales occur on the following day on December 27.

Many sports events are also organized this day and watching these events on television is also a prominent activity of Boxing Day.   Generally, the world championship of junior hockey as well as the Spengler hockey tournament in Switzerland (that Team Canada competes in) starts on Boxing Day. 

Your Next Boxing Day

So, how do you like to spend your time on Boxing Day?  Would you prefer to spend it at home resting from the events of Christmas day, do you like to shop all day searching for bargains or would you like to watch a sporting event?  What other activities do you look forward to on Boxing Day?