HID Headlights

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Benefits of HID HeadlightsHigh-Intensity Discharge (HID) lights are generally considered a recent technological advancement in automotive headlights, but they are not. HID headlights have been installed in production vehicles since 1991. At the time, they were expensive and were only part of high-end luxury vehicles like the BMW 7-series, which was the first car equipped with a pair of HID beams.

Over the years, HID lights have become more affordable. Some vehicle owners even upgraded their standard halogen lights with a blue or white tinted HID kit. This is because of the numerous advantages of HID headlights, which include.

Enhanced Brightness Provides Greater Road Visibility

The most important advantage of an HID lamp is the output capacity. HID headlights tend to be three times brighter than the standard halogen bulbs. This gives you greater visibility when driving at night. Since the HID lamps are brighter, they provide a greater viewing radius. The main cause of night-time road accidents is reduced visibility, but with HIDs, you will be able to see the road more clearly. The high outreach of these lights allows you to watch out for animals and other hazards from a distance, leaving you with ample time to react.

Energy Consumption is Substantially Reduced

People tend to think that HID lamps consume more power and will put stress on the battery and charging system. This is not true; in fact, HID lamps consume less power. Twenty-five percent less power consumption with increased visibility is a great deal. The substantial reduction in power consumption will give your car’s battery and charging system a greater life.

HIDs are Durable and Cost Effective

HID kits are more expensive than regular halogen bulbs, but they are more durable. A standard halogen bulb has a life expectancy of up to a thousand hours, while HID lamps last up to two thousand hours. Therefore, the cost is justified.

Brighter light combined with low energy consumption and high durability make HID headlights a great upgrade for your car.