Spend the Weekend Painting Your Patio

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Maintaining your patio or deck.

Summer is here and it’s time to soak in the sun sitting out in your patio and maybe even have some friends over. But as you glance around your patio you realize that it could really use a fresh coat of paint.

In fact painting the patio is something that you could do over the weekend without spending too much money.   All you need is a little elbow grease!


So if you are up to it, let’s get started.

Cleaning the area to be painted

The patio area tends to accumulate dust, grime and other contaminants, which may not seem significant but can result in ugly visible bumps when the area is painted.   

The secret to a good patio restoration lies in the surface cleaning process. The right method of cleaning the surface will depend on whether the patio area is sealed. To test, drop some water on the patio. If the water is absorbed, it means that the patio is unsealed. If the water is not soaked in, then the area is sealed.  

Clean the area thoroughly using a brush, followed by a wash using a pressure sprayer to remove even the slightest remnants of dust.  Once dry, scrub the area using sand paper. Wash the patio again and wait for it to dry thoroughly before moving to the next stage.


Primer helps the paint bond with the surface, making the paint job last longer.  Apply the primer all through the area and wait for a minimum of 4 hours for the primer to dry.  The area may appear to be covered in glue because the primer is in fact a sticky substance. Also pay attention to the specific application instructions given on the primer container.


Let’s get down to actually painting the patio.  Using a paint pan or tray may make it more manageable, and eliminate wasting paint. Once again paint as per the directions given by the manufacturer. Paint thin coats so that the paint dries faster and appears more consistent across the area. Allow adequate drying time before applying subsequent coats. It may be a good idea to wait 2-3 days before walking on the patio or placing any objects onto the surface.

There you have it, your brand new looking and freshly painted patio. Add a touch of personal pizzazz by placing furniture, flower pots and a couple of creative wall hangings. Your patio can now be your pride and joy just like any other part of the home.