Christmas Countdown

Saturday, December 1, 2012

If you do not want to spend the week before Christmas in panic while running around to get hundreds of last-minute things done, this article is for you. It is not that difficult to plan everything ahead of time and get it done bit by bit throughout the last month.

Here are some suggestions:

  • The most important consideration should be your budget. Sit down and calculate how much money you can afford to spend on Christmas entertainment and shopping.

    Christmas Countdown
  • If you’re going away for Christmas, book your tickets and holiday accommodation as soon as possible. Everything is usually fully booked early and more expensive closer to the time.

  • Discuss your Christmas leave from work as early as you can. You want to be one of the first to ask, before the company gets overwhelmed by employees who want time off.

  • Buy all your gifts as early as you can. You do not want to stand in more holiday line ups than is absolutely necessary. Make a list of the people to whom you want to give, compare it with your budget and start shopping. If you like shopping, you know what to do with your weekends. If you don’t, immediately order from catalogues or from the internet.

  • If you do not have a sufficiently large budget to buy gifts for everyone, make some simple things like cookies and scarves, buy some shiny packaging and write personalized cards. You want to start working on all this immediately, otherwise no one will see you the week before Christmas.

  • Make sure that all your lights and decorations are in working order. In fact, since the prices of Christmas decorations increase so much close to the time, test everything for the following Christmas when you pack it away in January.

  • Some food items cannot be bought long before the time, but you can buy some of the non-perishables now. Look out for specials or bulk buys so you can spend that Christmas budget on more exciting things.

  • If you do not want to stand in line ups the week before Christmas, order online from your favorite supermarket now and book the delivery for close to the time.

  • Start brushing up on those Christmas carols, especially if you have children and a good family sing-along is your kind of thing.

  • If you start planning your own Christmas early, you will have more free time closer to the time that you can volunteer for charitable work. Determine your own schedule in advance, find out which churches or charities run Christmas drives near you and sign up early.