Great Comfort Foods to Keep you Going This Winter

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Lady eating soupUnlike in the summer, look to eat more in the winter, especially comfort foods.   Some look at it for warmth, and some look at it like a bear does going into hibernation.  Our bodies use food as fuel to warm itself, and because we are indoors much more often, we automatically eat more. Even better, we seek comfort and heartier foods more so in the winter than in the summer. Here are some ideas for comfort winter food.


  • Soup is a winter classic. The chunkier, the better. Chicken or beef soup with noodles and vegetables is the most filling of the classics, and vegetarians can easily leave out the meat without losing any of the substance. Spicy soups like Thai and sweet and sour will warm you even better, and nothing beats butternut and squash soup as a sweet warm treat.


  • Stews are just as warm and filling. Beef, lamb, chicken or fish with lots of vegetables and a starch of your choice. They are good to eat and, because they take long to cook, the family can spend time together in the evenings.


  • Curry and other spicy foods are great in winter. Vegetarians do not have to feel left out. Few dishes are as good as protein-rich bean curry, and vegetable-packed pumpkin and Sweet corn curries are currently very popular.


  • Roast meals, the type we usually have only on Sunday afternoons, work well on week nights. They don't have to take too much time. Roast chicken, fish and vegetables are quick to make, it's only the red meats that take longer. Roast chicken with a bacon stuffing or roast chicken with cauliflower cheese are quick and tasty.  Remember to use the slow cooker as well.


  • Hearty baked pastas are ideal.  Pasta and ground beef or turkey work great as well as pastas that are a collection of spices and ingredients found in the fridge.  Don’t forget the cheese!   


  • Pies are always nice and if you don't have much time, you can always buy the crust and fill it up with whatever is in your fridge. Cottage pies, pork pies and chicken pies are the classics here, but butternut, spinach, and mushroom are not far behind.


  • Baked puddings are irresistible during the winter. The old bread and butter pudding, sticky toffee pudding, chocolate pudding, apple crumble, chocolate mousse and banana custard.