Top Five Ideas to Make Money Online

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Making Money Online

Just type ‘how to make money online’ in a search engine and you will see thousands of results from all over the web. However, how many of these provide authentic tips and ideas? Sadly, only a handful. This is why it is important that you know clearly which online moneymaking ideas to believe and which ones to reject at the outset. To counter the abundance of disinformation, here is an overview of five genuine and legitimate ideas to make money online:


  1. Flip Domains
    Flipping domain names is quite similar to flipping real estate. You simply have to find a cheap domain that you think is undervalued and buy it. Then, embellish the domain and find buyers. With over 140,000 new websites launching every day, domains are running out thick and fast. Get started right away to capitalize on it.

  2. Sell Goods on eBay
    You don’t have to sell your own goods. Rather, you can become an eBay seller for others. People have tons of stuff they have no use of but don’t have the time to sell them. You can take on that responsibility. You will have to write descriptions and create pages for each item while handling the entire process of the sale. In return, you will receive a commission.

  3. Blogging
    If you are passionate about something and have the writing talent to convert that passion into written content, you can set up your own blog. There are many websites that allow you to start your own blog for free. Over time, you will make money through Google ads.

  4. Freelancing
    Carrying on from the previous point, you can offer any skills you have on a freelance basis. If you can dabble in photography, websites are always looking for photographs. is a good place to start.

  5. Tutoring
    If you can teach a subject well, become an online tutor. You need to get the required equipment for online sessions. The demand for online tutoring is high as the competition for grades increases.

These are the top five ideas to make money online. By no means are these the only ones, but they are a start.