The Best Drive Thrus in Canada

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Top Drive Thru's in Canada

In the modern world of long work days, raising families and little time for waiting in lines, drive-thrus have become a popular way to eat on the run. This usually involves ordering a product or service via a microphone, driving through and picking it up at a service window. They are also convenient and nice when it’s cold outside or raining.

Here are some of the top drive-thrus in the country:

  • Tim Hortons is Canada's largest fast-food franchise, and most of its branches have drive-thrus. It is especially well known for its doughnuts, muffins, croissants and coffee which makes for a convenient breakfast on the way to work or a quick lunch between meetings. The Tim Hortons co-branded branches with Cold Stone Creamery also sell a wide variety of ice-cream snacks and drinks. Starbucks drive-thrus give a similar experience.

  • If you want a more substantial meal, you can find burgers at any of the numerous A&W’s, Burger King’s or McDonald's drive-thrus. Or if you're a burger lover with taste for the more unusual and exotic, try Burger Baron which holds the record for being the very first Canadian drive-through restaurant.

  • For something other than bread and pastries, KFC drive-thrus are scattered throughout the country.

  • With fewer than half of all Canadians prepared to visit a bank, automatic teller machine (ATM) drive-thrus are now becoming the norm. An increasingly large number of banks and branches now offer this option for drawing and depositing money.

  • Drive-thrus have been popular for years for automotive services like car washes, oil changes and tire pressure checks.

  • The Contemporary Art Gallery Drive-thru in Vancouver was the first drive-through facility in the country to offer videos through a drive-through window, and Ontario was the first city to allow flu-shot drive-through services.

So if you haven’t experienced a drive thru other than for a fast food bite to eat, perhaps check out the other types of drive thrus.