Garden Safety Tips

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Garden Safety TipsHaving a garden is a great pastime.  As well as being a great pastime, gardening helps to improve the value of property as well as to enrich landscapes. Maintaining the garden and associated landscape can also be enjoyable, but there are some risks associated with that as well.  Using equipment and products improperly can potentially harm you or others (such as children or pets).

Here are some useful tips and guidelines that you should be cognizant of when gardening.

Tractors & Lawn Mowers

  • Always read and understand the manual of any tractor or lawn mower.

  • Wear proper clothing when operating (such as shoes – avoid sandals).

  • Before using a tractor or lawn mower, remove debris and trash from your lawn (as these particles could fly out to the side potentially injuring someone).

  • Avoid operating any gas or diesel engines such as those in the lawn mower in a storage shed, closed garage or basement.

  • Gasoline should be housed and stored out of safe reach and away from heat.

  • Do not operate a lawn mower with others around (particles can be thrown from the lawn mower).

  • When operating a lawn mower or tractor, wear ear protection to avoid suffering any kind of hearing damage.

  • Drive the mower or tractor slowly and cautiously.

  • Keep children away from the tractor or lawn mower.

  • Park your lawn mower in a safe place and keep it turned off when you are not using it.

Electrical Tools

  • Before plugging in any electrical tool make sure the power switch is turned off.

  • Wear appropriate clothing for the tools that you will be operating (such as eye wear, head wear, eye wear).  Avoid loose clothing.

  • Regularly maintain tools to make sure they are safe.

Chemical Products

  • Make sure that you understand how to use the product, and know of any safety precautions that need to be adhered to.

  • Utilize proper eye, face, and skin protection for all chemical products.

  • Keep all the chemical products away from children and pets.

  • Keep chemicals in a safe place for storage.

Watching a garden grow is one of life’s pleasures.  However, to maintain a garden, safety precautions should be taken at all times.