Poll: Many Canadians Unwavering in Their Loyalty to Brands

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cashier at Check outWhen it comes to how faithful Canadians are to the goods and services that they purchase, they tend to be more loyal than their neighbors to the south, according to the results of a recently released poll.

The analysis, which was performed and distributed by research firm SurveyMonkey, questions 730 Canadians from all across the country, asking them about brand loyalty and whether they participated in these types of programs if certain retailers and businesses offered them. Overall, the poll found that nearly three-quarters of Canadian consumers commit to between one and five loyalty programs, with most doing so because of the discounts that they provide.

"Most of us appreciate something extra in return for our repeat business," said Taylor Cole travel expert for accommodation website Hotels.com, which commissioned the poll. "Loyalty programs provide added perks like free products, upgrades, discounts or more from your favorite brands."

The survey also found that when respondents were asked what loyalty program perk, in particular, was their favorite, 75 percent pointed to products or services that are free or low cost to them, followed by being made aware of promotions before the general public.

As for specific industries that participants were most loyal to, grocery and drugstore chains had the highest brand loyalty at nearly 60 percent, followed by travel services at 15 percent.

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