The Perfect Patio

Friday, August 23, 2013

Ideas for the perfect patio.

Have you been thinking about upgrading your patio?  Even those on a limited budget can follow these ideas to achieve the perfect patio.

Here are some ideas for designing a great patio:

  • The floor can consist of a natural stone like slate, or of bricks, cement slabs, moulded concrete, wood decking or even ceramic tiles. Wood requires the most maintenance, slate is the most expensive, and bricks and concrete are the most customisable. Whatever you choose, make sure that it matches your house and yard. Make extra sure that the patio flooring is level.

  • Some kind of roof is essential to protect your visitors against the sun. You may want to opt for a retractable awning which gives you the choice between sun or shade, or you may want a stained glass or more solid roof.

  • Open or enclosed? That’s a personal choice. Just remember that a patio enclosed with large French doors can be opened in the summer, while an open patio cannot be enclosed for winter entertaining.

  • Steer clear of wobbly camping canvas furniture. You want your visitors to linger on your patio. Cast iron, aluminium, rattan or any other weather-resistant material is good for outdoor patios, while those of us who choose enclosed patios have the full range of indoor furniture from which to choose. You can use cushions to soften the seats and to decorate. Don't hold back. A dining table is great for those informal meals, a recliner is ideal for summer afternoon reading, a coffee table is great for outdoor morning teas.

  • The patio is a good place for your home pub, even just an informal tiled or granite counter with a built-in shelf for bottles and glasses. If your patio is enclosed, a small fridge with freezer for ice is ideal.

  • Whatever your favourite style of food, some type of grill or BBQ is a must for a good patio. It gives you additional entertainment options for your guests, and gives you a way to get out of the house during those long hot summer evenings.

  • Plant life is just as nice on a patio as indoors. A pergola with trailing vines is ideal, especially to give some shade and privacy on open patios.

  • Some patios extend decor even further, with small water features, wind chimes or a bird feeder.

Whatever you’re looking for, these ideas might help you enhance what you already have!