Top Big Trends Online

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Smart phones and Ipad are big online trends

Do you have a smart phone or an IPAD?  This is a new generation of electronic technology that should change the way that we interact and use computer technology.  If you do have a smart phone, then you know the ease at which these devices can be used, and perhaps you might even know their capabilities.  Smart phone sales have surpassed computer sales for the first time ever.  


Have you noticed the popularity of you tube and video streaming sites on the web?  Live media sites have gained popularity due in part of the fact that people can now easily upload videos and these have taken the place of the traditional photograph.  

So, our world has evolved to have faster technology growths and a turn towards social media as being the norm.  Any child can tell you how easy it is to use an IPAD or a smart phone.  With its ability to be user friendly, these devices are becoming a trend in our World to do many things, and not just to surf the web or do email.
If you have seen the commercial ads for “Siri”, this is a virtual assistant that talks to you when you ask her questions or set reminders.  For example, you can ask her what appointments you have that day, and she will tell you.  Or you can ask her what the weather is like and she will tell you.  This is just the latest new application that you can get for the IPhone, and more apps are becoming available for users of other smart phone devices.

Another big trend online is barcode scanning.  Barcodes can be used for multiple purposes from downloading videos to scanning in products or items.  Some stores now allow you to scan and pay for items using this barcode scanning technique.  Even books offer barcode scanning to other hyperlinks, websites or videos.
Online shopping is another big trend, with the arrival of deal of the day websites (such as groupon).

So, what trends are you following online?  What do you think the next big trend online will be?