Popular Canadian Career Options

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What are Canadian students studying?College diplomas and university degrees have become increasingly popular over the past decade.

In order to get ahead and stay ahead, a strong majority of Canadians take some form of post-secondary qualification or training.

There are many things that can increase or decrease the popularity of specific career choices: a few television programs on forensic investigation, for example, have made this field an increasingly popular one, while many of the hands-on skilled trade fields are struggling to market themselves as skilled professions rather than low-skilled low-paid labor. The government and the media can also influence the fields that students choose by heavily emphasizing the areas in which the country lacks high-skilled workers.

So what are Canada's young people and entrepreneurial adults deciding to study these days?

  • Information technology has been one of the most popular fields to study for many years. In fact, one of the frequently awarded master’s degrees in Canada is the Master of Computer Science degree, which is also one of the most popular post-graduate degrees for which international students come to study in Canada. Whether it is software programming, web development, information management or network analytics, the IT field remains a very popular choice.

  • The medical field is also a popular career choice. Colleges and universities in Canada have always produced a myriad of professionals in the health professions such as; physicians, surgeons, physiotherapists, nurses, x-ray technicians and specialists.

  • With the fast growth in the healthcare field, many students opt to study pharmaceutical sciences. It is a popular choice precisely because it can lead to so many different careers in the healthcare field.

  • Other popular qualifications are in the business management field. The Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and the Masters in Business Management are popular choices in the business sector.   International students have also discovered Canada’s wealth of good postgraduate business qualifications and come here specifically for that field of study.

  • Social science degrees are still popular in the universities, with majors like psychology, sociology, politics and economics. The Master’s degree in psychology is one of the most common postgraduate qualifications in the country.

  • Criminology and forensic science have also gained popularity partly in fact to media and television attention spent in this field.

  • The popularity of teaching qualifications remains unchanged. It has in fact received a boost with the increased awareness of and need for specialty education programs, especially enriched programs which seems to have branched into its own field of its own.

So if you were wondering what the majority of University students are taking nowadays, this list is nowhere comprehensive, however, it does show the most popular choices.