Things to do in the Fall

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Things to do in the FallWhich season do you like the best?  Fall has been voted as many people’s choice as the best season because of its natural beauty.  Fall allows us to cool off from the summer heat, and also get ready for the next season to come.  Fall in most places in Canada is a beautiful time of year.  The bugs have disappeared, the humidity is gone, temperatures drop at night so that you can sleep more peacefully and the colors of the trees change.  If you have ever been to a part of Canada (like the East Coast) that has maple trees, then you can understand the truly great experience of the red, green, yellow and brown colors that are all around when the trees start to lose their leaves.  

So, there are many activities that are known to do in the summer and winter months, but what can you do in the fall?  Many people in Canada have gardens, the fall is the perfect time to harvest the crops and enjoy what you have been laboring over for months.

If you would like to see the fall foliage and the changing of the leaves on the trees, there are several spots in Canada that you can see this.  If you are traveling in the East Coast then you can find it virtually in every Atlantic province, but the most popular spots might be the Cabot trail in Nova Scotia or Fundy Coastal drive in New Brunswick.  In the west, then it’s always a great idea to see the foliage from the Rocky Mountains (such as Banff’s Johnston’s Canyon or Tunnel Mountain).  In Central Canada you may want to try Algonquin Park in Ontario, or the Gatineau hills in Quebec.  

Other activities that get going in the fall might be:

  • Curling – Have you ever tried it?  If you haven’t then this is your opportunity to get your name on the list or form a team, most teams start playing in mid-October and go until mid-March, so make sure that you don’t miss out on this.

  • What about a trip?  Fall travel is always a good idea before hunkering down for the winter months.  Traveling in and around Canada is always a wise choice as the roads are good, and the scenery is amazing.  Plus you get the best of the temperatures as well.  Generally the rainy season is gone, and you get fresh air and bright skies.

  • Why not try an activity that you may have found too hot in the summer months?  (Such as hiking or exploring). 

  • Hunting.  Many people enjoy hunting, and fall season provides a great opportunity to do this.

  • Fishing is also a popular pastime for many in the fall (it’s not just a spring or summer activity as some of the best fishing can be found during this time – such as fishing for bass, Walleye, lake trout and Northern Pike).

So make sure that you get out and try something new this fall, and take in all that fall has to offer, as winter will soon be here to cover it all up in a white blanket of snow.