Tips for Safer Night Driving

Monday, October 21, 2013

Safety tips to help make driving at night easier.Night time driving can be difficult for people who have years of experience, let alone new drivers. However, a few safety tips can help you manage your stress level and make driving at night easier.

How to Tackle Oncoming High-Beams

Bright lights from oncoming cars can disrupt your vision. It takes a while for your eyes to adjust after the lights have passed. Temporarily impaired vision is a serious concern if you are driving on a highway at a high speed. One great way to tackle this is to avoid staring at the light. You can do this by looking at the white shoulder line at the right side of the road. This little pointer will help you keep on track and avoid the bright light from disrupting your vision.

Maintain the Speed Limit

Travelling within the speed limit is another way to stay safe while driving at night. Maintaining the legal speed limit will allow you more time to maneuver your car in a tricky situation. The faster you travel, the less time you will have to react and your braking time will increase.

Keep Your Windshield Clean

A dirty windshield can cause glare from the beams of an approaching car. Whenever you’re getting ready to drive at night, make sure that you clean your windshield. To get a clean windshield, use a glass cleaner and wipe it with a newspaper. You’ll know that your windshield is clean when you hear a squeaky sound.

Wearing the Right Glasses

The worst thing you can do is wear sunglasses or yellow tint glasses to avoid the impact of oncoming high-beams. This will protect your eyes from the bright lights, but it will reduce road visibility at the same time. If you have weak eyesight, it is best to get a pair of prescription glasses with an anti-glare coating.

So, consider these tips for a safer experience while driving at night.