5 Interesting Facts about Thanksgiving in Canada

Friday, October 7, 2016

As Canadians put the wraps on another Thanksgiving holiday - one where plenty of turkey, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes and stuffing was on the menu - here are five things that you may not have known about the ways in which the second Monday in October is celebrated by the vast majority of Canadians.


Thanksgiving in Canada facts

  1. An Ancient Appetizer. Though turkey may not have been the centerpiece at the first Thanksgiving, the length of time in which they've roamed the earth explains why they eventually assumed that role, as turkeys have been in North America for approximately 11 million years.

  2. A Humble Holiday. While the first American Thanksgiving took place in present-day Massachusetts, the Canadian version was in Newfoundland - 42 years before the one that occurred on Plymouth Plantation.

  3. Tons of Turkey. Turkey is a favorite family meal throughout the year, but they're particularly in vogue on Thanksgiving. According to the Turkey Farmers of Canada, 3 million whole turkeys are purchased by Canadians for the holiday - roughly 33 percent of the turkeys sold every year in the country.

  4. Berry Balance. A favorite "trimming" of the Thanksgiving feast is cranberries. In Canada alone, 5,000 metric tons of cranberries are produced every year.

  5. Creative Combos. Over the years, Thanksgiving revelers have resorted to alternative ways in which to serve turkey, such as deep frying. The so-called 'turducken' has gained quite the following as well, which is three birds - a chicken, inside of a duck, inside of the turkey - wrapped in one package. And, at 836 calories for a four-ounce serving, it's sure to hit the spot for even the most ravenous of appetites.