Pains Related to Road Potholes

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Avoiding Potholes in the Road

Have you ever traveled on bad roads?  Unkempt roads can be dangerous, and sometimes, potholes result.  Some potholes are navigable, and other potholes might be full of water, un-detecting to the average motorist.  If you have ever experienced hitting a pothole, then you know all too well about the fact that these potholes are quite jarring and can do damage to your vehicle.  Worst of all, potholes, and driver’s attempting to swerve out of potholes way can provide a dangerous situation when driving.

Roads that are not maintained and regularly re-paved are then object to being in a bad state and subject to potholes or wearing pavement.  Quite commonly, potholes can be the reason behind accidents and injuries.  

For motorists, it is important to understand why and how potholes form, so that you will be able to detect them before you hit them, or have to swerve to avoid them.  Potholes are formed due to prolonged usage, from the pavement wearing.  A little bump appears, which wears down, and with prolonged usage and no repair, the little hole becomes bigger and bigger, and deeper, which poses a safety risk.  

When left unattended these dangerous roads with potholes could result in:

  • Flat tires

  • Exterior damage (like bumper damage)

  • Mis-alignment

  • Broken parts (such as belts or connections)

  • Accidents

  • Injury

Damages to the vehicle or the driver can be very dangerous.  Some studies have shown that commuters were diagnosed with back injuries and the culprit might be driving on rough or bad roads.  So, there will always be commuter traffic, so roads need to be in good condition in order for people to stay healthy.  It’s hard enough to fight against other drivers, traffic, rush hour and inclement weather.   

Cyclists and those driving 2 wheel motorized vehicles have to be especially cognizant about potholes, as their lives depend on it.  Hitting a pothole at any speed has the likely affect of the driver to be thrown from the bike, or scooter, or the like, with often injury prone results.

So, if you notice a road in need of repair, make sure that you contact the proper authorities to get it looked at.  It just may save a life!   If nothing else, you can certainly contact your member of parliament and make sure that this problem gets addressed, and hopefully solved.