Canada a Nation of Movers

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Canadian Girls Moving

Whether it's for job purposes or just to experience a different part of the country, one thing is certain: Canada is a nation that's on the move. For example, from 2011 to 2012, more than 300,000 Canadians relocated from one province to another, according to Statistics Canada. And of those provinces that were most moved to, Alberta and Ontario were the most popular destinations.



Jonathan Bender, a noted economist, recently completed a report on behalf of TD Economics on the flow of interprovincial migration in Canada. Here were some of his findings:

  • About 1 percent of the country's population moved in 2012.

  • The destination of movers were mainly those of "green economic pastures," specifically Alberta and Saskatchewan.

  • Since the recession, the vast majority of movers who have relocated ended up in the Western provinces.

"Net migration patterns over the last two years could not be more clear: more Canadians are moving to Alberta," Bender wrote. "Indeed, Alberta saw its net interprovincial migration tally come in at just under 46,000 in 2012 - accounting for 1.2 percent of its population.

Furthermore, Bender noted, Alberta hasn't seen a net loss in the number of people moving to the province in nearly 20 years. And while those who move come from all over the world and the country, much of the movement is among neighboring provinces. In other words, residents of Saskatchewan frequently left for Alberta and residents of Alberta left for Saskatchewan.

Research shows that those who move often perform better when it comes to how much they earn. For example, last year, among men and women who moved but stayed in the same province, they saw an 8 percent increase in their annual earnings. However, when they moved to another part of the country, their wages increased by 15 percent for men and by 12 percent for women, according to Statistics Canada.

Hopefully, the moving process goes off without a hitch. But every so often, people can make mistakes that can turn relatively simple issues into a hassle.

The following tips from moving company U-Haul can help make the relocation process simpler:

  • Insurance - Before you move, look over your house insurance policy. Some plans provide coverage for belongings that are being transported, even though they're not on the premises itself.

  • Plan ahead - Be sure to schedule a moving truck well in advance of the actual moving date, as they can be hard to come by during certain times of the year.

  • Pack boxes with "like" items - Instead of putting random objects in whatever box, it's best to pack so that the items are similar or belong in the same room of a home. This not only saves on space, but will also make the unpacking process that much simpler.

  • Use plenty of bubble wrap, newspaper - Breakable objects, like fine china and dinnerware, should be wrapped individually to prevent items from shattering.

  • Assemble a "packing team" - Many hands make for light work. By recruiting several people - whether friends, family or neighbors - it helps save on energy and time.