Choosing Between Wood or Carpeted Floors

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Considerations when choosing wood or carpet flooring for your home.

For the homeowner, there are many decisions to make on a daily basis about upkeep, upgrades and maintaining a comfortable house. One decision that you may struggle with is choosing between carpeting and hardwood floors in the living room, the hallways, the bedroom or even another room in the house. Before you make any decision on what type of floor to put down, there are some facts to consider first.

Allergies:  Does anyone suffer from allergies within your household? If so, then you might want to consider that carpeted floors can hold dust mites, hair and dander that can trigger allergic reactions. An advantage to hardwood floors is that they contain little to no allergic contaminants.  They can collect hair and dirt which can easily be swept up.  Another advantage of hardwood floors is that they are much easier to clean up. Having a clean floor in the room means there are fewer triggers to an allergic reaction. The fewer triggers there are in a room, the easier of a time the allergy sufferer will have when they spend time in that room.

Warmth:  For families that live in northern states, mountainous regions and places where the thermometer can dip for several months of the year, then carpet might be a good idea to have. The carpet will be warmer on the feet when you wake up in the morning, and can be cozy during the cold Canadian winters. Carpeting also keeps a room warmer because it acts as a buffer and holds the heat better than hardwood floors do.  Carpeting can be purchased in many textures and colors, so matching it to an existing room décor takes limited effort.

Age of Occupants:  This last determinant can go either way for the carpet or hardwood floor debate. For the household that has or will soon have young children inside, carpet is a better choice to prevent injuries. It is a better cushion than hardwood for toddlers and infants who can easily tip over or fall down often when they are learning how to walk. However, hardwood floors are easier to clean up in the case of a spill. 

The final decision on carpet or hardwood really needs to look at the goal of the room.  Is this going to be a playroom, a formal room, or a cozy family room?  Once you consider these options it may be easier to choose.