Getting Your Home Ready for the Summer Heat

Monday, July 1, 2013

Just as the summer heat takes a toll on your body, it also takes a toll on your house.  So how can you prepare your house for the summer heat?

How can you prepare your house for the summer heat?

  • Insulation is key for keeping spaces cool during warm temperatures and warm during cool temperatures.  Make sure that you have adequate insulation.  Fiberglass, foam, polystyrene and mineral wool are all appropriate.

  • Prepare the air conditioner for the next few months' heavy work. Vacuum cleanable filters and replace disposable ones. Remove leaves and sand from the outside outlet. Clogged air conditioners are not only more likely to burn out, but also a lot less effective due to being starved of air. Clean or replace the filters at least once a month during the summer.

  • While few of us consider fans to be particularly effective, they are useful on more moderate days.  Air circulation can always help when things get too hot.

  • Awnings are handy over doors and windows that are exposed to direct sunlight. You can either use permanently installed retractable awnings, or temporarily install them annually before summer. It will keep direct sunlight off the windows, and will allow your blinds and curtains to last longer. Thermal curtains are especially made to keep out heat and light, so that might be another option.

  • Seal the gaps around doors, windows, piping and chimneys with caulk or other weather stripping. Also seal random air vents around the house.

  • Change the bedding to light, thin sheets and remove all the blankets and electric blankets.

  • Dig out those old recipe books and find dishes that do not require an oven. Either grill food outside, or capitalize on cool and refreshing salads.