Home Design Trends

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The difference between home design trends and personal fashion trends is that personal fashion can change in a day, while home decor needs to last for years. These 2012 home design and decor trends will take you several years into the future, with just a little freshening from year to year.




Here’s what’s hot in home decorating today:

  • The in-home bar - More people are choosing to entertain at home, and they are doing it in style, thanks to some great new options in home bar design. The key to success is integrating form and function – coordinating cabinetry, bar stools, countertops, fridges, fixtures and accessories with the decor of the surrounding room, and having the right equipment to concoct memorable libations.

  • Patios-turned-living rooms - Many homeowners who enjoy spending summers outdoors are updating their patios to more closely resemble a living room/dining room combination. Think about how you want to use the space before you start working on its design – to socialize, cook, eat, play? Choose weather-resistant furniture that complements your intentions, and add a barbecue grill, umbrella, gazebo or other accessories to make your space complete. 

  • Kitchens - Kitchens are becoming more colourful, streamlined and eco-friendly. Consider lighter, brighter colours; mural-type wallpaper; the warmth of wood; and integrated appliances that “blend into” the cabinetry. Islands and peninsulas are standard equipment, serving as the all-important prep area.

What’s new in decor? Canadian House & Home offers these trends for 2012:

  • Imperfection - The imperfect trend puts furniture and accessories with a handmade, worn or rough-hewn style in the spotlight. Examples would be an asymmetrical vase with an unusual finish or an industrial-looking cabinet.

  • Feminine touches - Home design trends often follow the fashion cues on the runways, and feminine is a strong trend in 2012 – for example, hardware such as a large center doorknob that serves as “jewelry” for your door; big floral chintz prints on furniture and furnishings, set off by solid, neutral colors; and watercolor wallpaper, which has a delicate, faded look that also plays into the next trend: imperfection.

  • Sculpture and painting - Look for a big return to traditional forms of art such as hyperrealistic painting and sculpture that crosses boundaries into mirrors, furniture and more.

  • Marbleizing - Variegated coloring is back in style, as marbleized patterns show up on lamps, dishes and other decorative pieces 

  • The camelback sofa - This throwback to the 18th century is coming back onto the decorating scene in a big way – great news when you consider the comfort and support of its construction. 

  • The ’70s - How groovy is this? Many top designers are going retro, to the days of upholstered chairs and giant plants. 

  • New Exotics - Sante Fe and other exotic designs are back, manifesting themselves through artistic throw pillows, carpets, dream catchers and sculptures.