How Does Hail Form?

Monday, August 12, 2013

How Does Hail FormEven for those who have just recently arrived in Alberta, they have no doubt heard about the hail storms that can transpire in the province. Though most are short and not widespread, there have been hail storms that have been far-reaching, producing stones the size of golf balls.

What people may be less familiar with is how, exactly, these storms form.

According to weather experts, hail storms only develop under a certain set of circumstances within the atmosphere. Through a combination of strong currents flowing upward and water droplets that form from the clouds, the unstable air mass causes these droplets to freeze during a thunderstorm. Frequently, the formations aren't large enough to fall. However, the stronger the updraft is, the larger the stones become, falling to the ground at a heightened speed depending upon their weight. Naturally, the heavier they are, the more destructive they can be, putting substantial dents in vehicles and lining roof tops with pockmarks.

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