Preparing and Dealing With a Flood

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Floods are a threat to most home owners that live near water or near areas that produce high run off water.  If you happen to live in one of these areas, it’s important to know how to successfully prepare for and manage a flood if it ever happens. 

Knowing what to do before a flood occurs is paramount and can help you prepare your home and area to minimize the damage caused by the flooding.  The number one precaution you may want to take is to understand and make an evacuation and emergency plan. 

If a flood is imminent in your area (depending on how much time that you have), you can do a few things to prepare for the flood.

  • Map out an evacuation route and take into account the areas that are low lying and areas that may be flooded.  Try to avoid bridges and areas that may be closed off during a flood.  It may be hard to guess this, but it’s better to have a few different routes mapped out. 

  • Make sure that you listen to the radio, news channels or watch websites that may be telling of areas that need to be evacuated, and protocol that citizens are required to follow.  This may be as simple as a route or emergency measures that need to be taken. 

If a flood does happen, there are a few things to do during the flood:

  • Listen to emergency crews, police officers and directions from authorities.  They have your best interests at mind, and often have information about the levels of waters that you may not know about.  If you are asked to evacuate then please listen to the authorities, and evacuate.  If you are asked to stay out of certain areas, then please, listen and obey the authorities.  Do not attempt to get close to the water. 

  • If you have to evacuate; shut windows and doors before evacuating and move cherished items to higher areas in your home (if time permits).

  • Turn off the power and lights, and unplug and electrical equipment.

  • Locate to higher ground safely.  Do not bike, walk or drive in moving water.  Water levels can rise at any time, so try to avoid being in the water. 

  • Return to flooded areas only when directed to do so.