Methods to Beat the Common Cold

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How many times do you get a cold each year?  If you find that you are susceptible to colds, then what do other people do to avoid getting colds?  What can you do to prevent colds and to protect yourself from all the viral contagions that are out there?

Methods to Beat the Common ColdThe first step is to figure out where colds come from!  Colds are found through the air and can live on various surfaces.  If you know where colds are, then you might be able to prevent yourself from getting one.  Viruses love to live on surfaces.  They can survive on keyboards, on doorknobs and can survive in the air.  So it’s pretty hard to make sure that you aren’t in contact with them as you can’t see them.  However there are some preventative measures that you can take.  The biggest measure would be to wash your hands frequently and never touch your face with your hands.  Hands carry many of the viruses (without us even knowing), and then can transmit this to our bodies, mostly by having our hands touch our faces (mouths, nose etc.).  So make sure that you are washing your hands frequently and trying not to spread viruses from your hands to your face. 

Beating the common cold can also be done by these other measures:

  • Eat healthy.  Proper nutrition is vital in keeping your body healthy.  A healthy body and strong body can fight off infections and viruses better than a non-well fed body can.

  • Exercise!  Keep your body healthy and fit by exercising.  The stronger the body is, the greater the chance it will be able to fight off infections as well.

  • Eat super foods.  Eat foods that can help you.

  • Wash your hands frequently (as stated above – but this can’t be stressed enough!).

  • If you feel a cold coming on, make sure that you increase your vitamin intake and supplement intake.  Helping your body when it starts to get weak might just save you from getting sick.  (Vitamin C, Echinacea and ginger are natural cold fighting natural supplements). 

So, if you follow these few steps, you may go a long way in helping your body rid itself of a virus or an infection.