The Importance of a Lifejacket

Friday, June 29, 2012

In today’s society, recreational activities are a big part of our lives. Families get together to go boating, cruising or general recreation activities (such as kayaking or canoeing). . Safety is very important to everyone, but unfortunately, sometimes we do not take the extra time or effort to make sure we have a safe environment.

Many safety features are available to us today, such as the common lifejacket. These life preserving, floatation devices are very helpful, but also tend to be brushed aside, in the midst of all the excitement. Life jackets are used in various environments; it is a great tool that provides safety and peace of mind. They are commonly used in boats – recreational and personal, (not relevant) and daily activities. Sometimes, even animals have the option to wear lifejackets.

However, even though it seems simple enough to wear, some people don’t put them on properly, thus reducing the lifejacket’s full capability to protect from drowning. According to a Canadian Red Cross study, 200 people die from drowning accidents while boating. 90% of these people do not correctly wear their lifejackets. It is important that people know the proper way to secure their lifejackets.

There are different types of lifejackets, which provides a choice for everyone. When choosing a lifejacket it is important to know and feel which one fits best. There are buoyant, inflatable and hybrid lifejackets. Each one comes with their own characteristics and advantages.  If you would like to have a look at these lifejackets, a guide can be found here (include the website URL)

  • Inherently buoyant: Made out of foam. Used for everyday swimmers, and non- swimmers. They are easy to maintain and can handle most environments. They are great for children to use because of their comfort.

  • Inflatable: Made out of carbon dioxide cartridges. These are comfortable and commonly used by swimmers. They have high performance in rough and calm waters.

  • Hybrid: Made of both inherently buoyant material as well as an inflatable bladder. These comfortable and stylish lifejackets are good for swimmers and non-swimmers, and have high performance. However, they do require regular maintenances.

Lifejackets are versatile, and are used in various environments. There is a lifejacket out there for everyone, according to their own needs. It is important though, that people realize their importance and know how to wear them properly. Having fun is important, but so is safety. And with the protection of a lifejacket, you are free to have fun and feel safe at the same time.4.  Things to consider when renting a car