Our Environment

Monday, August 6, 2012

Our environment is made up of all living and non-living naturally occurring things on Earth.  A natural environment is a habitat in which life can exist without human interaction.  

Our environment needs to be taken care of.  Human use and destruction of rain forests, watersheds and manipulation of water systems have hurt natural habitats.  Our destruction and significant over use and pollution of precious resources has led to significant global warming.  The greenhouse gases, and toxins released to the environment have contributed to climate change as well. 

Around the world, there have been initiatives taken to reduce global warming and climate change.  Some initiatives such as those to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (i.e. the Kyoto protocol) show that governments understand the need to change their ways and destruction patterns. 

Other ways in which we can help save our environment:

  • Conservation in terms of garbage (reduce, reuse and recycle).

  • Energy Conservation (Use energy efficient appliances).

  • Water Conservation (Be weary in using too much water, and avoid polluting water sources).

  • Awareness of air pollution (decrease vehicle and emission use).

  • Awareness of over farming and land degradation use (decrease forest clear cutting).

  • Decrease urban sprawl. 

  • Habitat conservation (limit habitat destruction).

  • Vehicle emissions.

  • Air pollution.

  • Eliminate toxins and unnecessary waste to be put into landfills.

  • Decrease the use of chemicals and pesticides.

Although you may not necessarily be able to control forest clear cutting, you can do your part to vote for matters associated to the environment, and as a responsible citizen speak up when our environment is being harmed.  Write letters to municipal leaders and members of parliament if you feel something needs to be done.

Our environment is our responsibility.  If we want to continue to enjoy it, we must do our part to protect it.