Choosing a Moving Company

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Moving to any destination can be stressful.  However, if the correct precautions are taken when booking a reputable moving company, a move can be a rewarding experience.

Whether it be family heirlooms, or new purchases, making sure that all your contents and belongings make it to your new destination is essential.  Unfortunately, you will have to do research to find a reputable moving company.  Word of mouth of good business travels fast, as does bad business. 

Ask around to find out what other people’s experiences when dealing with certain moving companies has been. 

Generally, when choosing a moving company, ask questions and find out about the company.  In particular, finding out the following may prove to be very useful:

• Is the company insured?  Are they also insured for a worker’s compensation claim (if not, you may have to pay the bill if the mover or any employee associated with your move gets hurt).

• What is this company’s reputation like?  (Ask around to find out more).  You can even contact the better business bureau to ensure they are listed as a better business!

• Will the moving company be sub-contracting the work or will they provide their own services?  This is important to know, as then you will have to research both companies!

• Depending on the length of the move, how will your items be secured (if left over night for example)?  Will there be locked compounds for the moving trucks?

• How much will this move cost?  Reputable movers will want to come and see your contents to give you a reliable estimate.  Will they charge by the hour or the move?

• How will you ensure that all your items will be moved (Reputable movers will have an itemized check list that you will have to sign before the move and after the move).

• Who will need to pack the items?  Is this your responsibility or the moving company?

• Will you be covered with your home insurance policy if something happens to the items in the move?  Who will look after this if the items are damaged?

All of these questions need to be answered in order for you to have the best awareness possible when choosing your moving company.  This could be the difference of having a stress free move or a very stressful move.

Good luck and happy moving!