Boat and Watercraft Security

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Boat and Watercraft Security

Having a personal boat or watercraft can be a great pastime and hobby.  Being able to cruise lakes, rivers or the ocean can be one of the greatest pleasures in the summer time months. 

Many precautions need to be taken to ensure you and your boat or watercraft remains secure. 

When possible, it is best to have your watercraft stored in a closed location such as a garage, barn, marina or other structure.  This building should be kept locked at all times. Keeping your watercraft out of sight will remove temptation from most thieves.  No matter where your watercraft is stored a solid lock should also be attached to the trailer hitch.  This will make it more difficult and time consuming to tow the craft away.  If your watercraft is docked for the summer, ensure it is tied and anchored securely and that all covers or doors are locked and secured properly. 

In order to make sure that your watercraft is secure, consider the following:

  • A boat alarm.

  • GPS Tracking System - You may want to consider a GPS tracking system that is installed in your boat so that if your boat leaves a certified area an alarm will be sent to authorities to track down your watercraft. 

  • Never leave your keys inside the watercraft or around the watercraft.

  • Ensure that your belongings are kept inside the watercraft and not visible.

If you follow the above precautions, you will help to ensure the security of your watercraft so you can enjoy your adventures on the water! 

Have fun!