Advantages of Buying Insurance Online

Monday, May 25, 2015


buying-insurance-onlineBy now, most people are fairly comfortable making an online purchase from a retailer like Amazon or Best Buy. But you may still be wary of buying a product as important as insurance online.

However shopping for insurance online can be a quick and painless way to get the coverage you need for your family, home, car, recreational vehicles, vacation or pets.



You’re busy. Life is hectic. Just as you save time shopping for that gift for your niece’s wedding, you can shave hours off your time meeting with insurance advisors by shopping in the comfort of your home.

Compare Prices

Another major advantage to shopping for insurance online is that you can quickly find and compare coverage between carriers, without having to meet with several different agents.


Many people worry about the credibility of online insurance companies. Here are some website elements you can check to ensure the company you’re buying from is trustworthy:

  • Testimonials and personal stories from customers
  • A “bricks and mortar” address and phone numbers on the Contact Us page
  • About Us page with a thorough story on the company’s background including history and parent company or companies
  • Community involvement and charitable causes
  • Privacy Policy – this is usually found at the very bottom of the site. It outlines how the company will protect your privacy
  • Logos from industry affiliations


Most online insurance companies understand the importance of keeping their customers’ data tightly locked down. Here are a couple things to look for to put your mind at ease:

  • On the website where you enter your credit card information look for an “s” after the http in the web address bar. This shows the site is encrypted, which means your personal information is scrambled as it travels the Internet, preventing it from being stolen.
  • In addition to the “s”, look for a tiny padlock on the left hand side of the address bar.

Getting your insurance online is as simple as heading to an insurance company’s website, selecting the type of insurance you need, and filling out their online questionnaire. From there the company may follow up with an email or a phone call, and in a short time you will have your insurance policy.

Editor’s note: This article ran on December 28, 2011 and has been updated for accuracy.

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