BBQ Safety Tips & Home Insurance

Saturday, April 14, 2012

One of the great pleasures of Spring, Summer and Fall is the ability to grill outdoors.  However, using a barbecue does have its own risks.  Learning how to reduce risks associated with using your barbeque will bring you piece of mind. 

Before you begin:

As a precautionary measure before using your barbeque, you should make sure that you have home or renters insurance to help mitigate any damages that might occur if an unforeseen accident does happen.  All connections and seals should be checked and secured prior to lighting the barbeque to ensure that no gas is leaking.  A soapy solution can be added to the connections to test to see if there is a leak,  if bubbles are seen, there is a leak.  Do not use your barbeque if there are any leaks.  The barbeque should be placed a minimum of 10 feet away from your home and any other combustibles.  A fire extinguisher should be kept on hand in case the flame gets out of control, or in the worst case scenario something is lit on fire.

Operating your barbeque safely:

A quick check with the manufactures  instructions for your particular barbeque will also help you to know the proper operation of your barbeque.  Making sure that you know how to properly turn on the barbeque will help.  Generally one should:


  • Open the top of the barbeque lid.  

  • Turn on the propane tank, opening the tank a quarter of a turn (as this is all the propane you will need to operate and ignite).

  • Turn the dials on the barbeque to allow a small amount of gas to enter into the grill area.

  • Stand back, with loose clothing secured, using a long fire lighter (or matches) ignite the flame.

  • Close the lid to allow the barbeque to heat up.

  • Place required food on the grill.

  • Never leave the barbeque unattended.

  • When you are finished turn the propane tank valve off first, and then allow the gas to dissipate from the lines, and then turn off the barbeque valves.

  • Clean the grill after each use while it’s warm so it’s ready for the next time that you use it.

Always keep children and pets away while barbequing for their own safety. 

In case of a fire, if you can safely turn off the valves on the propane tank, then turn them off.  If it is safe, close the lid to smother the flames.  If it is not deemed safe use a fire extinguisher to extinguish the flame.