Tips for Packing Your Household Belongings

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Packing an entire home up to move can be a daunting task.  You will want to plan ahead, and ensure you have plenty of packing materials before you get started.

The easiest thing to start with is items that are not currently being used, this will include clothing and other things that are currently out of season or in storage.

Packing items by room can seem like a pain, but you will be thankful when it comes time to unpack.  Boxes should be labeled by room or colour coded so it is easy for movers to know where each boxes goes.  You do not want to have to carry very many boxes or items through the house yourself.

Carefully consider how you place items in the box, make sure that heavy items are at the bottom of boxes and lighter fragile items are well wrapped in a separate box.  Boxes can often end up upside down, you will not want heavy items crushing breakable ones.

Do not skimp on packing materials, bubble wrap and newspaper could be the difference between your valuables arriving safely or arriving damaged or broken. Line the bottom of each box with a cushion of packing material, then wrap items that could be damaged.  Sometimes blankets and towel can be used to wrap larger items.  Make sure that each box is full so there is no room for items to fall or move around during shipping.

Carefully label boxes that contain important essentials such as cooking utensils and toiletries.  These will be some of the first items you look for and you will want them to be easy to locate.

Do not hesitate to use special boxes provide by the mover.  Even if it costs more to purchase such boxes it will be worth it in the end. Special packing for TVs, art and mirrors is always a good idea as these items are usually not insured unless the movers pack them in their custom boxes. Garment boxes are also a great idea; you can literally just take your hangers out of the closet and hang them in one of these special boxes.  Make sure your mover provides blankets for wrapping larger items or furniture.

Have everything ready before moving day.  You should not be packing any boxes when the movers arrive at you house, this will be your opportunity to guide, direct and be ready to do a final walk through.

If this is your first time moving these simple tips should help you protect your items, the more times you move the easier it will become.  You can learn from your last process to see what worked well and what didn’t.  Remember to keep out a box of cleaning supplies and toilet paper.  If you do that, the rest should work out find.