Do you Need Travel Insurance when Traveling within Canada?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Many Canadians are under the impression that as long as they stay within their Canada their provincial health care will cover any medical needs that occur while travelling outside of their home province.

In some cases you may be looked after through your provincial health care, but you better not count on it.  Your provincial health care may cover basic medical visits, but it will not look after any expenses incurred during an emergency.  If you are travelling to Quebec all medical expenses must paid by the individual at the time of the incident.  Once returning home you will have to submit your expenses for a possible reimbursement from the province.

This can lead people to believe that the bare necessities are covered out of province, however this does not take into account any emergency situations.

Emergency transportation alone can be quite costly.  Depending on where you are at the time you need help, this could be more than you can easily afford.  If there are any medical procedures or surgeries required, this may also be an expense you are responsible for.  Most people tend to think that they could just go home if they became injured or ill, there are circumstances such as car accidents where life saving surgeries are done at a moment’s notice with very little time to consider what may or may not be covered or the costs associated with the treatment.

It is never a bad thing to carry travel insurance, even within Canada. No one expects to use it, but if you do happen to need it, better to be safe than sorry.

Travel insurance is relatively inexpensive and covers many things that your provincial health care will not even come close to covering.  Travel insurance policies are usually just a couple dollars a day.  In the case of an emergency they will often take care of transporting you and your vehicle back home, lodging costs for a loved one to stay with you, and emergency air transportation, just to name a few.