Car Security: Preventing Auto Theft

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Although you may not drive a Ferrari, chances are, your vehicle is at risk for theft, or the belongings in your car may be at risk for theft.  Crime statistics show that criminals are more likely to break into a car for loose change then to steal the incredibly advanced sound system.  Criminals are often opportunists who look for ways to make a quick dollar or a quick getaway with seemingly inexpensive goods.  However, you can make your car less susceptible to these criminals by making your car less appealing.

Most car owners use sound judgment and avoid car security issues.  However, it’s the one time that you may leave your car unattended that theft can happen. So, as a reminder, be diligent and use the following sound pieces of common sense. 

  • Never leave your car unattended while running.  Even if you have locked the doors, a thief may be able to break into the car and drive away with it!

  • Never leave your keys inside the vehicle (in the ignition or in a secret ‘hiding’ spot).

  • Always lock your vehicle.

  • Make sure the windows are rolled up fully.

  • Park in a well lit and well traveled area (Do not park down dark alleys).

How can you safeguard your car or the belongings inside your car from theft?

  • Make your car seem difficult or time consuming to break into.  Install a car alarm with a flashing LED light, or even a dummy flashing light.  Installing a car alarm sticker on the window may be all it takes to deter a criminal. 

  • Install a real alarm system that has audible sensors for:  Movement inside the vehicle, door opening signal and a hood opening signal.
  • Do not leave valuables inside the car.

  • Do not leave belongings visible inside the car.  Even though you may not think it is worth much, a thief might.

  • Place a locking gas cap on your car.  Even if your car is stolen, thieves will have a hard time making a fast getaway when they run out of fuel and have a difficult time putting more fuel in the car.

  • Steering wheel lock.

  • If you drive a vehicle without a trunk such SUV or a hatchback, make sure that you use a cover shield so that would be thieves cannot see belongings or desirable items.

A car thief is generally looking for a quick getaway vehicle and chances are they are looking around to see which one might be the easiest to break into.  If your car seems like too much work, the thief might then move onto another vehicle.