Rear View Car Cameras

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Accurate driving can be difficult at times and especially difficult when motorists are unable to see objects behind them.  Although the side and rear view mirrors can be helpful, generally, motorists cannot see behind the vehicle.

Rear view cameras that can be mounted on the back of the vehicle can provide real time video behind the car.  These small devices sometimes coupled with backup sensors enable the motorist to have an awareness of objects behind their vehicle.  This comes in especially handy when trying to reverse a vehicle or gauge objects.

Why install the rear view camera?

  • When reversing using your rear view mirror, it gives the view at the same level of the mirror.  The rear view camera installed in the back of your vehicle allows motorists to see what is in behind the vehicle.

  • The rear view camera is exceptionally useful when it comes to parking a vehicle in small spaces.  When a motorist uses the rear view camera together with the rear view and side, they can easily park in such tight spots. This is because the driver is able to accurately measure the distance between spaces/objects and other vehicles.

  • A large number of accidents involve reversing of vehicles. Motorists who utilize a rear view camera have a clearer vision of behind the vehicle than motorists who rely on just the rear view and side mirrors.

  • Rear view cameras also offer value in the way of convenience. These devices are especially useful to vehicles owners who attach boats or trailers to their SUVs or trucks. The boat or trailer compounds the difficulty of reversing the vehicles. With the use of the rear view cameras, the motorists are able to align the hitch while they reverse without needing assistance.

  • Rear view cameras can also be considered as investment because they prevent the motorists from damaging their vehicles when they reverse. Cars get damaged when they reverse into objects, or worse, cause an accident with another vehicle or a pedestrian.   Repairing these damages is not only inconvenient for the motorist, it is also quite costly.  Even minor ‘fender benders’ can increase the price of a motorists’ insurance.

Technology allows us to have greater accuracy and safety when driving.  Rear view cameras are growing in popularity and as our vehicles get larger, the demand for these cameras will increase.  However, in any size vehicle, rear view cameras can only help in gauging objects behind vehicles.