Do People Prefer Pool or Ocean Vacations?

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Where would you like to go on your next vacation?  If you are like many others, you may choose a warm Southern destination. 

Going on a warm vacation can be especially nice if you are trying to escape from Canada in the winter.  Think about it.  Vacations are always great, a change,  out of the ordinary, and a break from the day to day routine of work, schedules and meal planning and preparing.  Vacations can be the opposite of the life that you lead where you live.  If you do decide to do a warm weather destination vacation, one of the first decisions you will have to make is whether you would like to spend your time near the ocean or the pool.

Both of these trips have both positive and negative aspects and you will need to consider these aspects before choosing which vacation type might be best for you.
Often popular, the all-inclusive resort is for some, a pampered way to get away from it all and live like the rich and famous!  Most people take an all-inclusive resort vacation for one week, and others for two.  However, it depends on what you like to do and how you would like to spend your time.

If you choose an ocean vacation there are positive and negative aspects.  The ocean provides a great deal of options for those seeking adventure.  Play boating (kayaking, windsurfing, canoeing, windsurfing), motorized boating, Para sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving are some of the pastimes handy to the ocean.  Running along the beach, long walks on the beach, and seeing sunrise and sunset can be breathtaking. 
However, the negative aspects have to be considered as well.  The dangers of the ocean are many.  You never know when a storm might appear, and venturing too far away from the shoreline is always risky.  Some beaches will have marked swimming areas, and some will not.  Some may have lifeguards, and some may not.  Also, you have to be weary of the animals inside the ocean – sting rays, jelly fish, and the big mammals such as sharks.  Weather conditions can always waver around the ocean, such as high winds (which bring high waves – great for body boarding and surfing, but you will also have to be weary of the dangers of rip currents).  High winds and high surf may make it impossible for you to enjoy the ocean. 

Choosing a pool warm weather vacation has its own positive and negative aspects.  Popular among resorts are swim up bars in the pools.  This is a luxury of having a beverage without having to leave the pool.  Pools are generally life-guarded and many resorts have activities in and around the pool.  Pool vacations may or may not have natural beaches, but many have manmade beaches (for activities such as beach volleyball).  Activates can also be present around the pool (such as water exercises, water polo and pool volleyball).  Lawn chairs can be seen in abundance, and your restaurant may be only meters away.  Pools are very seldom closed due to weather considerations.  However, pools can become very crowded and many pools may be frequented by young families and children. 

Whichever vacation you choose, a warm weather vacation is always a nice way to get away – whether  by the pool or the ocean – the choice is simply up to you!
Enjoy your trip!