Pet Insurance

Thursday, June 14, 2012

For most pet owners, pets are considered members of the family.  When a pet becomes ill, the veterinary and associated costs can become quite expensive.  If anyone has ever heard of the tremendous veterinary bills that can quickly accumulate, having pet insurance might help alleviate some of the headaches and costs associated when a pet becomes ill. 

Accidents, illnesses and unpredictable circumstances can happen at any time, and many would say it’s better to be thinking ahead to what could happen and prepare for the unexpected.  Pet insurance may give owners the peace of mind knowing that if something were to happen to their pet, the associated costs will not have to be an additional worry.

A pet insurance company can work with you to find the best policy considering things such as the type and breed of the animal, the age of the animal and routine maintenance.

When trying to decide what type of policy to get in pet insurance consider the following:

  • How will the insurance policy work?  Will all expenses by paid by the insurance company or will you have to pay the bills up front and then submit a claim to the insurance company?

  • Will the insurance company cover all costs or will there be a deductible (like automobile insurance?)

  • Will there by one set payment or will there be premiums that need to be paid each month?

  • What does your pet insurance cover?  (What does comprehensive mean?)  Does this cover incidental costs such as alternative treatments?  Routine checkups?  Boarding costs?

  • What type of insurance will you get?  Lifetime or non-lifetime (if you pet suffers an illness in one calendar year, but the costs associated with this illness go on for several years, will your insurance provider pay for the associated costs year after year)
  • What sort of coverage will you want for your pet?  If you change your coverage, will your premiums remain the same or reflect the coverage?

  • What sort of coverage can you get for a pet with a pre-existing condition?

  • What sort of conditions are covered?

  • What happens if your pet causes an accident?  (For instance if two cars avoid a pet but collide together causing vehicle damage).  Who will pay for the damage?

Western Direct does sell pet secure, a Canadian leader in pet insurance.   There are various types of coverage you can get with petsecure, but a general policy might include things such as: 
comprehensive accident and illness coverage, and routine care.  You can read more about pet secure at