Best Coaches do This

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Do you ever wonder makes one coach stand apart from others?  Do you ever wonder why some coaches are so successful but others not?  Coaching is leadership at its finest.  It requires taking a team to the next level, to allow them to work together as a unit, or to have an individual succeed towards their goals.

There are a number of principles that a good coach follows. These include:

Knows their Content – and can apply it!

Great coaches know the theory of the application of skills they are trying to teach and can either illustrate the technique or have sound communication methods to get the information across and understood.

Builds Self Esteem

Great coaches can take their athletes from one level and project them to the next level.  In this manner, they essentially have to work with the confidence of the athlete to ensure trust and measured results can be achieved.

Inspire Actions

How can you inspire people to make sound decisions?  The coach in this role can be a sounding board for opinions.  The coach can acknowledge success and recognize results, all the while inspiring his/her followers to initiate actions.

Ask Questions

A good coach will always try to understand his/her athletes.  Coaches ask clarifying questions to make sure that everyone knows what the expectations are.  When teaching a skill for example, a great coach will illustrate the skill, and then ask probing questions on technique to ensure that people understand what is to be done.


A great coach both listens for thoughts and feelings, but can also communicate effectively with his/her athletes to ensure that his/her thoughts and feelings are getting across.  This is an important principle which coaches should make sure they don’t overlook, because it governs the success of both the teaching and learning process.

So, if you are looking for a great coach, or wanting to be a great coach, keep the following tips in mind. 

Happy coaching!