RV Security

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Step one in making sure that your RV is secure, is to limit the opportunity to steal or break in.  Securing your RV is very similar to securing your vehicle, or even your home.  Lock your doors, close your windows when you leave, and don’t leave valuables within sight.  If the locks on the doors of the RV are not secure enough, consider getting a deadbolt or install an alarm system. For added security, motion sensor lights or an alarm sticker in the window might be all that it takes to deter potential thieves.

RV’s provide a great opportunity for thieves to make a quick buck as there are generally lots of various items inside the RV.  Thieves are opportunists and could like your stuff better than you! If limited opportunity to steal exists, thieves will take their luck elsewhere.

Ensure the lock on your RV is unique; you might even go so far in getting your lock re-keyed.  RV’s generally have a factory made lock and key, and many have the same key!  So if a thief has this key, they will be able to get into your RV.  RV storage compartment CH751 is generally the number seen on these compartments and takes one factory made lock and key system. 

Here are some ideas for ensuring RV security:

  • Avoid staying overnight at a rest stop.

  • Lock the RV and take turns leaving it.

  • Be weary – looking out for anything that seems suspicious, and be aware where most incidents of robberies and break ins occur:  Gas stations, convenience stores, and rest stops.

  • Like at home – don’t open the door blindly to anyone.  Make sure you know who you are opening your door to.

  • When traveling on the road, try to make most of your stops during the day time.

  • If something doesn’t look/feel right – then leave the area.

  • Close the curtains so valuables and contents cannot be seen from the outside.

  • Park in a well-lit area.

  • The entry door to the RV (generally on the side) should face a lit area.  Thieves generally like to work unnoticed (generally in the dark).

  • Campgrounds – don’t leave valuables (hitches, bikes, tow bars and other expensive items) unattended or without being under some security (locked up).

  • Keep valuables in a safe.

Common sense is generally the best advice for RV security.  Making sure you secure your items will lessen the chance of being targeted by thieves.  Adventure and drive safe!