Advantages of Social Media

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

We are now connected on a global scale.  With the use of computers, and specifically the internet, we can now reach out to virtually anyone in the World with the same technology.  Social media allows us to do just that via various different avenues.  We now have access to blogging, internet forums, podcasts, social media sites (such as twitter, facebook and myspace), wiki’s, and videos and picture sharing.

Networking is a great way to make contacts and expand one’s sphere of influence.  Social networking is much the same.  With new social networks appearing all the time, this is one of the new avenues of making contacts.  Even on the business side of networking, there are plenty of websites for that too.  One popular networking site is called linkedin and it’s a professional network so likeminded professionals can come together to blog, chat and post about their profession.  It’s an excellent way to see what is up and coming in your area or profession in way of conferences (mobile conferences as well) and to meet other colleagues.  This site is well used as it is seen as a respected professional community network where employers can find employees and vice versa.

There are several advantages to social networking:

  • Creativity  - the users create the content and update content.  

  • Developers have taken the time to develop a website (so users don’t have to) and then the users can then use the site.

  • These social networking sites are generally available for free.  This is a major cost savings other than having to attend expensive conferences to generate visibility and make contacts. 

  • Making quick connections.  You can simply see and perhaps become friends with your friends friends!  This allows you to meet likeminded individuals quickly and easily.

  • Social network users are in control of the communication they post and receive. 

  • Social networking can happen at all times.  Day or night, it is just a click of a button away!

  • Social media can now take the place of traditional media formats such as print and TV ads, brochures and campaigns.  (Saving time and money).

  • Access and simple design.  Networking is no longer for those that can afford it.  Nowadays, social media tools are everywhere, are easy to use and available for everyone.

  • Measurability.  Companies can now track the amount of users using their sites, test marketing messages and gauge responses quickly and easily.

So, if you haven’t reached out to social networking you might want to consider all the advantages that social media has to offer!