Moving Truck Rentals

Sunday, April 15, 2012

When researching options for an upcoming move, many people choose to go for self-moving.  Self-moving makes sense for a lot of people.  If you are moving a short distance or have a small amount of personal affects to move, it can be easier to rent a truck and do it yourself.  As with any decision there are many factors to consider.  Here are some things to think about before making a final decision.

How many people can help you move?  If you have a lot of friends or family that can help you move, especially when manoeuvring large, heavy objects, moving yourself is much easier.  If you do not have a lot of people to help with both the loading and the unloading, you will need to consider your time, and also your ability to move everything you own.  Sometimes, hiring professional movers costs almost the same as doing it yourself, and requires a lot less hassle.

Cost of fuel:  It can be quite pricy to fill a heavy truck full of gasoline.  In addition to the price of the fuel, some companies install limiters on their trucks so that they cannot go over a certain speed.  This can really affect your fuel economy.

Rate per KM:  Most self moving companies charge a rate per kilometre.  This is over and above any fuel costs.  This is simply a price you pay to help cover wear and tear on the truck.  It is something to carefully consider if you are making a long distance move, as your kilometres will add up quickly.

Rental rate per day:  You will be charged a rental rate per day the vehicle is rented.  This is over and above fuel costs and kilometre costs.  What you will need to calculate is how long you will need the vehicle.  If you are making long distance move, be sure to give yourself enough time to load and unload, not just drive.  You do not want to find yourself paying penalties for not returning a truck on the scheduled date.

One way or return trip rental:  Be very careful when calculating the cost of a move with a self-moving company.  Some companies do not allow one way trips.  The truck must be returned to its city of origin.  If this is a short move, it is not as big a deal, but if you are considering a cross country move, you could be looking at thousands of dollars more than you have initially anticipated.

Quality and condition of Trucks:  There is a big difference between the quality of some trucks over others.  Some companies may charge a little bit more for rental, but their trucks are serviced between each use, while others are in bad condition and are liable to breakdown at any point.

Liability and Damages: There are advantages and disadvantages to being responsible for your own move.  When you are moving yourself you know that your belongings will arrive on time, and will not be off loaded multiple times.  On the down side you will be responsible for any damages to goods during transit.  Check with your homeowners insurance to find out what coverage is available for moving.